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Buy Storage Container !!TOP!!

For retailers, there are certain times of the year when you need more products on site. Maybe you need a storage container for out of season items or for extra furniture. Whatever your business needs may be when it comes to storage, our team at The Big Blue Box has you covered with both rental and sale mini storage containers. All of our containers come with a security lock box so that you can rest assured that all items stored are safe and secure.

buy storage container

Finding more space when your business is expanding can be difficult and expensive. Container rentals from Get Simple Box make business (or inventory) expansion simple and cost-effective by providing instant temporary storage or extra office space. We can often deliver a Container within 24 hours and for a fraction of the cost of leasing more warehouse or shop space.

Whether you Rent or Buy, containers can help keep you organized, while keeping your belongings safe and secure. You can rent a 20 foot container, 40 foot container, or small shipping container suits your need.

Take the stress out of remodeling by storing your belongings in a Get Simple Box rental container until your project is done. Then move them back into your newly designed area whenever you are ready for them. With no minimum rental period and no hidden fees, you can keep your Box for as long or as short as you want!

Customers looking to rent or buy a shipping container in Eastern Washington and North Idaho know they can find quality containers at an affordable price. Locations in Hayden and Ellensburg mean that you can come and choose your own container, and we provide our ground-level container delivery throughout the state.

Our most recent expansion has brought Simple Box to Salem and Portland, Oregon. If you are looking for mobile storage between Portland and Eugene, or a Shipping Container in Salem our service area covers the whole Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast. We deliver containers to you, or you can come visit us to choose your own Container.

Our newest location serving customers looking for containers in Arizona opened up in the Phoenix suburb of El Mirage in 2020. We offer Containers to Rent, Containers for Sale, and Containers for Moving to Arizona.

When buying shipping containers, the first consideration is determining whether a WWT, refurbished or one-trip fits your needs and budget. WWT containers are a good value. They are wind-resistant and water-tight and typically under 10 years old. Refurbished containers are a better value. They are spot-grinded, primed and repainted with a high-grade industrial enamel and come wind and watertight with a standard 4 bar, 8 cam locking system. One-trip (new) containers are the best value as they only made one cargo trip. ISO shipping containers are not manufactured in the US so this is the newest possible option to buy.

The price of a new container depends on many factors, like your location, our current availability, market rates and the buy options you choose to add. Plus, whether you want to modify it or not. One-trip containers are the best value as they only made one cargo trip so they're the newest possible option to buy.

Used container prices depend on your location, available inventory, global and regional market rates and any buy options you add. Plus, the condition of the container and whether you want to modify it or not. We offer wind and watertight (WWT) and refurbished containers for sale. WWT containers are a good value as they're weather-resistant and typically under 10 years old. Refurbished containers are a better value. They're WWT, spot-grinded, primed and repainted.

Carlos was excellent in assisting me with procuring the exact container I needed for my custom project. I had very unique demands that required exact attention to detail and Carlos and his team executed it precisely! The quality in the modifications that were made to the container is top notch and the communication through out the whole process was clear and professional.

I love how secure the containers are at Southwest Mobile Storage are because I have never had a break-in, and I know people have tried, but their containers are impenetrable! Customer service is amazing, and I appreciate how I have a dedicated sales rep. Other companies promise this, but never deliver on it.

Any time I need storage containers and portable offices on my construction sites, I can always get a hold of Southwest Mobile Storage easily, which makes my business run smoothly. They always have transparent pricing and clear communication, so I never have to worry about hidden fees or surprises.

My rep at Southwest Mobile Storage always takes care of any of my needs. The storage containers I rent are high quality and I can always get the containers I want, when I need them, which is very important to ensuring my business runs smoothly.

My favorite thing about Southwest Mobile Storage is that when I need to rent storage containers and mobile offices, I can call the same person every time and she always makes it happen quickly and efficiently. They have the best rates, customer service, and always get the job done how I need it, on time, and on budget every time.

I stopped using other container storage and portable office companies because they cost more and provided a lot less in customer service. Southwest Mobile Storage always deliver on what they say and gives our construction business reliable, personable service that is second to none. - My rep Joe at the Denver branch always give me the best price and service every time.

We lease and sell new and used ISO steel shipping containers and ground-mounted mobile offices for construction, commercial and residential moving and storage in Arizona, California and Colorado. Our certified fabrication experts also modify custom shipping containers you can buy nationwide. No matter your industry or business, we can fit your unique needs.

We awarded the Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set the top spot because each container is sturdy with a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, and they reheated food easily. If you're looking to plan meals ahead of time, we recommend the Prep Naturals 2-Compartment Meal Containers, which feature divided interiors that our tester found convenient for storing a wide variety of mains and side dishes.

Buying a shipping container may seem like an easy task, but there are countless factors to consider to ensure you end up with the right fit for your needs. Whether you are buying a new or used shipping container for transportation purposes or exploring other shipping container uses like building a house or business, learning the process and common tips for how to buy a shipping container is crucial before you get started.

If you are looking to transport precious cargo or build a home, restaurant, etc. with shipping containers, your first thought may be to play it safe and buy a new container. But the decision whether to buy a used shipping container or a new one is a bit more nuanced than that and depends heavily on your needs.

Start by determining the required size of your container depending on the size of cargo or space needed for container conversion. The two most common sizes for standard containers are 20ft and 40ft, and suppliers like Container Sales Group also offer 40ft. High Cube and 45ft. High Cube containers if you need extra vertical space.

Location also plays an important part in the cost of shipping containers. As China and the rest of Asia have more exports than imports, these countries often face a deficit of containers, as they export more than they import. Consequently, there are often not enough containers available. Buying a container in Shanghai, for example, will cost more than buying one in Hamburg, Germany. In addition, the further a container needs to travel to get to you, the more it will likely cost.

The need for shipping containers has skyrocketed in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as they become increasingly popular for the construction of structures like homes and restaurants. Unsurprisingly, there are some who have tried to benefit from this increased need at the expense of consumers. To avoid this, try to opt for a reputable, proven shipping container supplier that has been in business for more than just a few years.

Containers must be inspected before purchase to ensure that they are not damaged. If you plan on using your container for work purposes, it will need to meet certain safety standards. Containers should also include the proper documentation and markings if they are going to be used internationally or carried by ship.

New containers will be made of new steel and may come with additional features like security boxes to prevent the lock from being cut off for forklift pockets for easy moving, or other brand markings that were placed on it at the factory.

Shipping containers can be used as a permanent or temporary storage option in place of a shed, garage, or workshop. Many years ago, most areas did not require a permit for metal shipping containers, but some areas are now requiring one even if it is for storage. Before you purchase an international shipping container, it is important to know if your local municipality or village requires a permit.

The space needed for delivery will depend on who you are purchasing the container from. Container Sales Group, for example, uses a tilt body (roll-off truck), meaning the container slides off the back of the truck as it pulls forward. We can also deliver longer distances with a flatbed truck requiring customers to lift off containers at the time of arrival.

It is important to consider how much distance you will need to have at your property to confirm if you have enough room for delivery. Measuring ahead of time will help you decide on container size as well as ensure you have a smooth delivery.

Finally, determining where you are going to put the container is very important not only to the delivery space as mentioned above but for the long-term maintenance of your container. Your ground must be solid, level, and have a well-drained surface or asphalt, gravel, or even a concrete pad. Keep in mind that the ground needs to be level, especially for a 40 ft. container for the doors to open and close properly. You might consider placing railroad ties or wood blocks under each of the 4 corner posts of the container for additional support. 041b061a72


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