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Beautiful Cute Girlzip

Metal Zip Ends - 2 coloursThese super cute, shiny nickel or light gold zip ends are a wonderful way of finishing off ugly zip ends. They can be used on either end of the zip and are simple to attach - simply fold the zip tab to the back and slide on then add a screw to secure.ColoursSilverLight Gold

Beautiful Cute Girlzip

You'll find a variety of cute girls hoodies, zip up hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and more in Tillys assortment of girls hoodies and sweatshirts. Styles include fun graphic sweatshirts, solid thermal hoodies, and pullovers from a great selection of brands. A cute floral sweatshirt is a great item to have for chilly weather, while a knit pullover is light enough to wear in most weather. Shop girls sweatshirts and hoodies at Tillys, and check out the rest of our girls clothing online! 041b061a72


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