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Dorie Hair For Men By Nords At TSR EXCLUSIVE

Heya gaming people, I hope this finds you well, today I bring you one of my best Custom Content for The Sims 4 so far, I say the best because I worked best on it, I put way more effort than usual. It's a Frankenmesh of the EA hair that came with The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff and NotEgain's awesome Alicia Hair bangs (which I had the permission to use thanks to her generous T.O.U). The result is this cute hairstyle that I hope you like as much as I do.---------------Info---------------- Base Game Compatible.- Hat Compatible. - Proper LODs.- 18 EA/Maxis colors.- Available for teen-elder female.- Custom thumbnails.- Disabled for random.

Dorie Hair for Men by Nords at TSR

Looking for some curly pigtails with braids for your sim kids? Look no further than this sims 4 kids hair cc by creator nekochan-simmer. The Naomi hair conversion is a cute and playful hairstyle that will look great on any sim kid.

Also, when I was doing some research earlier. I came across a recolor of this that includes the 6 new EA colors and in the process came across two other cute hairstyles as well. So be sure to download both and check out the other hairstyles.

I noticed that I need more exclusive 4t2 toddler hair conversions.So here are some new exklusive hairstyles for the little ones. I hope you like the selection. Have fun and please tell me if you have any issues with them. You can find other 4t2 toddler conversions by me here. ? 041b061a72


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