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[S4E6] Where Did You Sleep Last Night

In the most powerful season finale, 2 weeks have passed since graduation, Dan faces the harsh reality of his sins both past and present. Nathan and Haley struggle on their first night out after the baby. While Rachel returns and hosts a graduation party where the gang celebrate and reminisce about their high school journey and prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

[S4E6] Where Did You Sleep Last Night

HASARA: When I got home, I was very emotional. I cried but, of course, first of all, you can remember I hardly had any sleep at all. But it was just what have I done for the last 24 hours? And just the whole experience was kind of overwhelming.

As the ambulance takes Josiah away, Shelby notes that he and Hunter were deputies together, and that he never cared for the man much. As they prepare to leave the crime scene at the end of the long day and night, Shelby talks about the last man he shot, the night he was going to meet his girlfriend at the Dairy Queen and propose to her. A road rage incident led to a confrontation with an armed robbery suspect who tried to run Shelby down. "Hits me in the legs. I go flying in the air, get one shot off, hit him square in the chest." Raylan says, "Maybe I could use your help." They get in the deputy marshal's fleet car and Shelby says, "Well, I wasn't always a greeter in a big box store." Raylan asks him about Ellen May, and Shelby professes to not remember. "Having fun with me now," Raylan says, and Shelby counters, "Spent most of my years as a lawman chasing your daddy, how do I know his tendencies ain't been passed down?" Raylan grins and says, "Fair enough. Did you ever marry that girl?" "No," Shelby says solemnly, "and I put flowers on that kid's grave every week." The two lawmen laugh, and drive away as colleagues.

At Johnny's bar, Ava tells Boyd that he secured the invite to Napier's for the following night. She then confesses to Boyd that she can't hardly sleep for guilt over Ellen May's death, admitting that she was alright with the killings of Devil and pimp Delroy, "but Ellen May being in the ground... it's tearing me apart." She says she loves Boyd, but has to know where their relationship and their business are headed. Boyd arises and asks her to wait a moment out by his truck.

In the present, at her apartment, Kim tries recording a brief for Mesa Verde, but is distracted by a bulging dossier of public defender cases. She turns in for bed, where Jimmy is already asleep. Kim frowns when she finds a legal pad where Jimmy has written proposed names for their revived law partnership and has drawn doodles of signage bearing the Wexler McGill logo. The next morning, Jimmy admits that he's decided not to see the therapist Kim suggested, as he feels he needs to move forward and not resort to "navel gazing." Kim reluctantly accepts Jimmy's decision.

That night, at the hospital, Gus is sitting in an armchair next to Hector's bed. While Hector remains asleep, Gus tells him that his fever has gotten worse due to a potentially fatal infection, and that he has chosen to wait for Hector to wake despite the belief of Gus's own doctor that he never will. Gus proceeds to tell Hector a story from his impoverished childhood, where he raised a lucuma tree and used its fruit to feed himself and earn a living. One day, Gus saw that a coati had ransacked the tree and eaten most of the fruit. After an unsuccessful attempt to capture the animal, which saw it hide under the shack where he and his siblings lived, Gus waited for hours into the night expecting it to come out. When it did, Gus captured the coati and drew out its suffering rather than kill it. Gus compares Hector to the coati, expecting him to eventually wake up.

Werner's team arrive at the warehouse and explore their new surroundings. Mike addresses the group, explaining the living situation in each house. One of Werner's men, Kai, cops an attitude at Mike throughout the meeting. Mike tells the group that their work begins the following night. As he leaves, Werner tries to assure him that they will focus once the job gets started. Mike walks to an industrial trailer outside, where Nick and Arthur are watching the group through the security cameras. Mike tells them to keep an eye on Kai.

That night, at the laundromat, Jimmy finds the three youths who previously mugged him. He offers to cut them in on his phone business if they agree to not hassle him. Instead, the youths demand everything he has, with one of them pulling out a switchblade. Jimmy runs away, and the youths chase him. However, it turns out that Jimmy has lured the youths into a trap, as they are blocked in an alley by two armed men wearing ski masks working for Jimmy. The trio are gagged and dragged into a piñata store, where they are hung upside down from the ceiling. As the two masked men bust piñatas with baseball bats, the terrified youths are confronted by Jimmy and agree to leave him alone and warn others against ripping him off. After swinging a bat at the leader of the gang, stopping short of hitting his face, the masked men, Huell and Clarence leave the scene. Jimmy tells them they've had their one warning and leaves them hanging.

I was worried after the first couple songs it would be one of those irritating TV karaoke nights where everyone is a ringer and is lip-synching to a slickly-produced recording, but thankfully they let some of them seem like real people just having fun and not auditioning for something.

SAMCRO meet with the Mayans to hand over 30 kilograms of cocaine. The club were supposed to deliver the drugs to the Mayans from the Galina cartel, but a brick of cocaine is missing. Juice is responsible, having taken the brick because he is still being blackmailed by Sheriff Roosevelt into gathering evidence against the cartel. Juice admits visiting the warehouse where the cocaine was being held the night before, and confirms that it was all present at that time. When Alvarez implicates him, Juice denies his involvement and provokes Alvarez. Tempers flare and Jax punches Rafi. Clay breaks up the scuffle by shooting a round into the ceiling and the meeting is then restricted to Clay, Jax, and Alvarez. Jax reassures Juice on his way out. 041b061a72


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